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Diamond Saws

Q: How do I select the saw best suited for my needs?

A: All saws cut approximately 1/3 of the plate diameter for slabbing. Trimming is limited to the table size.

Q: What is the rpm for the Al-P10S Saw?

A: 1750 RPM.

Q: What size motors & RPM are recommended for the L-10S Saw and the L6S Saw?

1/3 Hp capaciter start at 1750 RPM.

What is the in feed rate for the AL-P10S?

A: 10" per hour.

Blade & Blade Accessories FAQ

How do I select the right blade for my application?

  • Value of the material as it relates to kerf loss. The thinner the kerf, the less material will be lost.
  • Production volume to be cut.
  • Cutting characteristics of material: hard stone; tends to glaze the rim (agate, jade); abrasive soft stone tends to wear away the rim (sandstone, novaculite).
  • What coolant is required (oil or water).
  • Equipment characteristics such as rpm and type of power feed.

Q: How do the Blazer Blades differ:

Black Blazer – Heavier concentration of coarse sintered diamond ~ to be used with hardness that exceeds 6.
Green Blazer – Standard coarse diamond on steel core ~ notched – general purpose.
Yellow Blazer – Finer diamond on a thinner core, sintered continuous rim ~ excellent for trimming.

Does my Blazer Blade require a break in procedure?

A: Generally no, however if the blade fails to cut at startup, a dressing cut would be required.

How do I maintain my blade for optimum use?

A: Operate at recommended speeds and lapidary oil coolant will provide longer life over water.

Is there a recommended RPM range for the Blazer Blades?

4.5" – 5000 RPM
6" – 3300 RPM
8" – 1750 RPM
12" – 1200 RPM 20" – 24" – 900 RPM

Will the Dressing Block work with other blades in addition to the Blazer Blades?

A: Yes, this will work with all blades.

Will the Dressing Block affect the kerf of my blade?

A: No, it will only sharpen the blade, however over dressing could result in partial diamond loss.

How many times can I use the Dressing Block before I need to replace it?

A: This can be used until there is no more to cut.

Can you describe the different applications of Raycool & Lapidary Oil? I am not sure which is more suited to my needs.

A: Raycool is a water additive, primarily used for trimming. Lapidary Oils are better for hard materials and giving longer life.

Will the Rayspray Coolant System work on other models?

A: Yes.

Can I use Lapidary Saw Oil in the Rayspray Coolant System?

A: No, use only with water or water with Raycool additive.

How do I properly dispose of Lapidary Saw Oil?

A: The same as automobile type oils.

Can I reuse Lapidary Saw Oil?

A: Yes.

Can I use Raycool in the Rayspray Coolant System?

A: Yes, when mixed with water.

How do I properly dispose of Raycool?

A: Raycool can be poured down the drain.

Can I reuse Raycool?

A: No.