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Hustler Vibrating Lap

For polishing slabs, clock faces & geode halves

The Raytech Vibrating Lap comes complete with two grooved aluminum pans, plus bumper rings, a polish pad, and a grit kit that includes all the abrasives and polish you need to produce sparkling slabs.

Note: You get a 5% to 10% capacity bonus with every Raytech Vibrating Lap. A 15 inch Raytech lap is 15 inches in diameter inside where the work is done – not outside as with laps from other manufacturers.

The Hustler 15 Deluxe is the best flat lap value on the market today. It cuts faster than 10-inch laps and has 2-1/14 times as much working area. A smoothly sawed slab or geode can be ground and polished in 3 to 7 days. An adjustable thumbscrew provides convenient 10 second leveling while the motor is running. The pan is quickly removable for easy cleaning.

Shipping Weight: 38 lbs (3.47 cubic feet)

Hustler Vibrating Lap

Description Part # Price Instructions MSDS Purchase
Hustler 15D (115V/60Hz) 20-161 $825 Hustler 15D
Stone Finishing Kit
Stone Finishing Kit
Replacement Parts:          
Extra Pan - Grooved Surface 20-162 $150    
Extra Pan - Smooth Surface 20-163 $150    
Bumper Ring 20-164 $15    
Standard Polish Pad 20-165 $15    
GS-L1 Kit* 35-053 $38    
Motor Assembly (115V/60Hz) 30-206 $265    
Motor Assembly (230V/50Hz) 06-305 $198.65    
Vibration Balls (3 Required) 06-272 $3.50    

* Contains coarse grit, fine grit and Syntin lap compound - enough material to charge the Hustler 15D 6 times.